Graduation is Next Week!

After a long 2 years I am graduating! The graduation ceremony is next week but it has really hit me today since we have done all our thesis presentations and also submitted the final thesis, now we have no more academic days and just have the graduation ceremony itself to make the transition to a graduate! I will say this has been a wonderful experience and a joy for me to live and work in Sweden. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to blog throughout my 2 years for KI and so in a way to always have a snapshot of my time here. I remember when I first arrived in Sweden and began the welcome week for international students in KI, that my words were how ‘daunting’ it all seemed. This however was short lived. I was fortunate to meet such wonderful, intelligent and passionate people. Studying here has given me the opportunity to flourish and grow into myself and has inspired my creativity and drive tenfold. I will treasure these memories for forever and wish everyone graduating the brightest future.


Bioentrepreneurship 2015!

Here are 2 videos. One being a little look at the last day of our thesis presentations and the other is a group of us in the class filming a special video for our graduation afterparty which will be shown to the entire class of 2015. All programmes have done their own and so we wanted ours to be a bit special. My video is behind the scenes!

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