Eight ways I have secretly become a Swede

For Team Global Health the year is done and dusted. Thesis have been submitted and defended with the class giving a collective sigh of relief.

Thinking back over the past year I started to think of small Swedish-isms that I have adopted in my life.

Here are the 8 ways I have secretly become a Swede:

1. I think it is normal to pair sneakers with a formal outfit.

shoes 1

2. I am no longer appalled to eat food from a tube.

eating from tube

3. I get frustrated when public transport is more than a minute late.

waiting for the bus

4. My vocabulary has been expanded by words like ‘Fika’ and ‘Absolut’.

i'm cool

5. I no longer think it is okay to spontaneously visit Swedish friends… plans must be made at least a week in advance.


6. I drink coffee… lots of coffee.


7. I am shocked when a stranger tries to chat to me on the bus. Do they not know the secret rule that public transport time should only be used to check your phone?

oh no you didn't

8. Lagom is one of the most beautiful concepts… If you don’t know it… Google it!

 It's so beautiful

If you have any additional Swede-isms please feel free to contact me via email caitlin.longman@stud.ki.se or leave a comment below.

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