Holi 2015 – Let the Spring begin!

Holi is a popular Hindu spring festival originally celebrated in India, Guyana and Nepal. However, during the last years this amazingly fun celebration has been spreading around the world. And Stockholm could not be left out!

Karolinska Institutet started this initiative already last year and you can read more about how the event was born at KI in this entertaining article: http://medicor.nu/holi-the-festival-of-colors-at-ki/


Following last year’s success, this year it was planned even bigger! With amazing marketing and a wonderful team behind it (thank you Shahul, Jon and Erik!), plenty of people gathered last Saturday 23rd of May, after having to postpone it due to the not so wonderful weather the previous week. A fun and complete event that started by filling our stomachs with a barbeque so we could gain enough energy for the battle. Once ready, the colorful war began. A lovely sentence from Erik’s article for Medicor Magazine that could perfectly describe the event was: “Covered in colors everyone looks the same, everybody is equal and strangers readily become friends.”


Holi – or the festival of colors – also symbolizes the entry of spring. Forgetting conflicts and errors from the past. A day to forget and forgive. Also a day to have fun. For this, this year counted with the collaboration of Global Friends which added a bit of water to the event. But why should I lie by saying “a bit”? Taking advantage of the nice weather, the color war was then transformed into a water fight! No one was safe, clean or dry in the end.


An amazing event organized by dedicated people and full of incredible and fun people (and animals!). After years trying to attend one of these parties, I finally was able to. So I can only say thank you! It was remarkable. Let the Spring begin!


Incredible photos by Shahul Liyakath Ali

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