Time of relief and worries

The time is gone. A sense of relief is perceived in the master students delivering their master thesis. The schedule is different for each program so you can see several waves of happiness.

I present my thesis in the final seminar tomorrow. In my country, this moment is the most important of the evaluation as they define grading at that point, based  both in your defense and in your manuscript. I understand that this not happen here as the final grading is based only in the enhanced written document I must submit next week, after feedback from my examiner, my peer and whoever else is in the room. All the students of the Master Programme in Public Health, Health Economy, Policy and Management are defending their thesis in a seminar from May 20 to 22. Here is the schedule (PDF). Maybe there will be last minute changes but, so far, this is the updated version.

I would like to broadcast my presentation in streaming, maybe somebody would like to see it, hohoho. But I will enact my right to censorship and release it to the public only after scrutinizing my performance 🙂 I think I will record it and, maybe, upload it on youtube. Anyway, if you are interested in attending my presentation it will happen tomorrow at Widermstronska huset, Tomtebodavägen 18A, room Charles Parker not earlier than 15:15. Sadly, that is a very small room and it will be already packed with all my classmates, faculty, examiners, my wife and maybe some others.

By the way, the title of my thesis is:

Exploring the use of health communication in health policy implementation: response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone.

Reviewing this text I realize that this is one of my lasts posts in the students blog. If not the last. I am shivering.

Printout of my thesis and my peer’s document on the screen


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