Parenting as a student

There are many parents at KI, both students and teachers. This is something that has always intrigued me. How does that work? So to find out, I asked a classmate which balances work, parenting, studying full-time, and still manages to be chipper every day.

Woman with two daughters.
A mother, a student, a woman determined to have it all.
Let’s start with a bit about yourself, how old are you? If you don’t mind sharing with the internet: I am 31 years old and oldest in my class.
And why did you choose the Biomedicine Bachelors program at KI?: I have always been interested in biology, chemistry and, in general, how a human body works and how the environment that we live in affects us, so when i found this programme I instantly felt that this was right for me.
Do you like the program so far?: it has been very interesting!
You have children, tell us about them: I have two twin girls, both 4,5 years old.
Do you think it is possible to study full time with such young children?: It is absolutely possible and manageable but requires a dose of self-discipline and, of course, support from family/partner or friends. 
Do you think it would have been possible with newborns, or infants?: Yes, I think it would have, but I guess this i highly individual.
What are some tips or tricks to help you do well in school while managing two kids?: For me, the most important has been to study efficiently without being interrupted. I try to avoid all the distractions when studying and really focus on what i do. Another thing is planning my study time and deciding ahead what I am going to focus on. Separating the family time from my studies  is important to be able to combine being a parent and a student. Once I am home I try to give my full attention to my family, but i normally study 1-2 hours every evening once the children are asleep.
Do you feel like you get to participate in school activities outside of class? I could totally participate, its all about planning 🙂
Do you feel that KI is accommodating about you having kids?: In general – yes, most of the lectures are held between 9-16 which makes it easy for me to leave and pick up my children at kinder garden. The teachers seem to be understanding and willing to find a solution if I have missed a mandatory lecture because of the sick children.
How do you handle conflicts between school and kids, such as when one of your children are sick?: Me and my husband try to split the days when the children are sick so that both of us can get their most important things done. If there is a mandatory lecture, he would stay with the children, if he has a planned business trip, then it is me who takes care of the girls.
What would you say to individuals which are parents thinking of applying to this program?: I say, if you feel this is a program for you – do it! I have never regretted my decision 🙂
What do your kids think of you studying at KI? Hahaha, one of my daughters called me crazy when i explained that I was going to start school 🙂 But I guess they are too small to fully understand what I am doing 🙂
Thank you much for your time! I’m sure that all the potential KI students that have children at home really appreciate your input.

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