Mf Pub- Biomedicum This Friday!

Hi everyone! Thought it would be of interest to those students already in KI but also those intending to study here in 2018, five of KI’s departments will move to a new building: The Biomedicum. Preceding this exciting change of environment a series of pubs will be organised. The first Biomedicum Pub will take place on Friday – May 8th at Medicinska Föreningen.

From 20:00 there will be music, drinks, dancing and partying.
However, If you are working at one of the future Biomedicum departments, that is CMB, MTC, Neuroscience, FyFa or MBB, then you are most welcome to join already from 18:00 to 20:00
This should be a good opportunity to get to know researchers whom you may some day work with, or also ask some questions and enquire about life as a PhD or even to network. Or else even just for fun in a great environment!

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