Sights of Stockholm: Tyresta National Park

The winter seems ages ago, my first winter in Sweden and being well into the spring, the Stockholm beauty which immediately struck me on arrival in Sweden  last year is slowing returning , a combination beautiful green scenery and modern city,and it was definitely a call to  once again actively explore the scenery of the Stockholm environs and engage more in outdoor activities and periodically break of from the academic monotony.



One of the recommendations I had from a friend was to take a hike to Tyresta National park a national park a short ride from the center of  Stockholm which is quite unusual in a major European City having a forest within the city. And  is lauded as one of finest virgin forests in Stockholm. With a clear sunny sky and temperatures over 8 degrees  temperature last weekend ,it was not any more ideal to have a hike.                           My journey begun from T-Centralen taking metro line 17 (green line) towards Skarpnack, getting off from Gullmarsplan before a 40 minutes bus ride till the  park.       The entrance with lots of hikers and wooden buildings are you’re your immediate impression  of the park.

The park didn’t disappoint. With wonderful scenery, rocky outgrowth, number of beautiful small lakes, fire areas, camping sites, though there seemed to be disappointing limited animal life including birds which can be expected at the start of spring but nevertheless was a well-deserved break from daily view of Stockholm.           A pony farm on the entrance to the park offers pony rides and also are coffee and antiquity shops. With fresh and peaceful tranquility all over the area makes it one of my favorite destination definitely. For the hikes decided to follow one of hiking trails towards some of the lakes inside the park viewing three lakes.Though the trails seem confusing initially later on as you move in the park clear markings become more visible.                 And interestingly there was no charge paid for a lone hiker though supervised or guided tours carry a fee.




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