Sakura in April – thoughts about culture 


Like Alicia, I went to the Sakura venue in Kungsträgården with my friend Noor.  On April 18, it was a Saturday and it must be one of the few days that I can see so many people in metro and on the street. Actually, it was my first time seeing Sakura but I wasn’t too excited. It felt like a longtime wish finally come true and I forgot why I dreamed of seeing Sakura blossom in Japan.

The weather was a bit tricky, as the sun came out once in a while. It was also very hard to find the right place to take photos when many people were trying to find the best shinny spot!


Overall, I was mostly amazed by the Japanese culture blossoming in Sweden. There were a lot cute shops that many Japanese food, clothes, handcrafts, and even origami! I felt that Japanese culture might be the best-known asian culture in Sweden and other western countries. There were people wearing Cosplay costumes on the street. It was kind of the beauty of contradiction. Swedish blond and blue eyes with transitional Japanese costumes.  It reminded me of my international friends and classmates,  many of them love Sushis, many like Japanese animation and comics.


What about Chinese culture in Sweden? According to OECD statistics, Chinese immigrants are about 8 times more than Japanese immigrants. However, there is not a Chinese festival that attracts many non-Chinese to join. I reckon that Japan is much better at spreading its culture worldwide, and they are so proud of their culture. As a Chinese, I am proud of my culture, but I don’t know how long will it take for Chinese culture truly appeal to everyone as much as Japanese culture do. I enjoy understanding new cultures, like Australia, Germany, Sweden… and I hope people will enjoy understanding Chinese culture as well.

85 years late, when the world is entering the new century, maybe ‘world citizen’  will be the national identity and people will understand and respect different cultures of each other. This is my wish under the Sakura tree.

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