[Course Reflection Series 7] – Market Analysis


From Feb 23 to Mar 27, we have taken the Marketing Analysis (MA) course. MA is another core course in MBE curriculum and it sets up a basis for PP1. As the first placement is very short (about 5 weeks), marketing will be the major task. Thus Marketing Analysis course is very important for us to have just before PP1 starts.

MA introduces us to the basics of marketing analysis models, such as SWOT, PEST, Porter’s Five Forces etc, which vividly describes different factors about the market situation and product portfolio. We also try to use each tool in our case study – a real-life problem regarding withdrawal of Exubera from Pfizer.

We also listen to many interesting guest lecturers, such as marketing professionals from life science industry, experienced sales reps from Medtech company. Marketing analysis is not only about using theories and models, but we should implement them in every bit of thinking about marketing.

Overall, I enjoy learning marketing analysis and cannot wait to use the tools I learnt to analysis real-life cases in PP1.


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