5 Things That Will Shock You Once You Arrive To Stockholm

Your student furniture won’t be original and unique.

Before arriving to Stockholm I was aware of the existence of Ikea. I knew the new concept they brought to the world of furnishing your home in a lovely way. Plenty of options, that for good or worse, you have to almost construct on your own. I got to Stockholm and I saw adorable mugs, cute glasses, towels, cozy sheets and lovely bed spreads. And then, as time went on I noticed something: everybody has the same things. Maybe this only applies to student life, but I still find it adorable every time I see the same mug in somebody else’s home.

Don’t expect to buy your ticket ON the bus.

This may seem obvious and vary between countries, but when I first arrived to Stockholm, I was shocked. The first day I went on the bus with my parents, we innocently hopped on the bus in the middle of nowhere and tried to buy a ticket. Impossible; no way. No matter if you didn’t know, if your SL card doesn’t work or if you forgot and your monthly pass expired, you will have to get off and search for the nearest Pressbyran or Tunnelbana. However, it is not that dramatic. Another amazing option is to send an SMS with your phone and you will get your ticket instantly!

This machine will be the one to decide if you can continue your bus journey or not.
This machine will be the one to decide if you can continue your bus journey or not.

Where are the shower plates?

Did this shock anyone else? Why don’t the majority of showers in Sweden have a shower plate? You can get completely used to it, but at first you feel almost bad that all the water is splattered around the bathroom. However, over time you come to master the technique and you can almost be in control of the water.

Dogs can ride on the public transport

This may seem obvious depending on what country you come from as well. But for me, this was something completely new. Maybe it is obvious to imagine a tiny dog riding on the bus. Just as easy as sitting on top of their owner in silence. But many countries, including Stockholm, are aiming towards a dog-friendly environment where all dogs are allowed, no matter what size. If you are allergic or afraid, this might not seem fun at all. But don’t worry, they are usually in a specific area of the bus. And if you love dogs, it is so fun to share your journey with them!

Splitting the check is as easy as it can get!

You go out with your friends to have a delicious dinner and at the end of the gathering everybody starts counting coins and bills, thinking about who owes what to whom, hearing “I can pay for this and then you can pay for that”. You will not be familiar with this in Stockholm. Here, they have amazing systems to split the check. From personally selecting what you consumed with individual checks to more fancy options, such as using an individual card for the meal and accumulating what you ordered there.

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