Stockholm Culture Night 2015

The first time I saw the advertisement of Stockholm Culture Night 2015, I thought it was some kind of huge party event that would be held in Stockholm this month, given that there was a disco ball on the picture. I kept on that thought until this particular dialogue happened between me and my friend (illustration):

A: You know, this Saturday the museums in Stockholm will have free entrance fees.

B: What?? Free entrance? What’s the event?

A: It’s the Culture Night.

B: Oh… (quietly facepalm-ing herself)

So, having been enlightened, I decided to check on the website and saw what they offered for Stockholm Culture Night 2015.

It was A LOT!

There were more than 100 participating places for Stockholm Culture Night 2015 and it was not limited to museums, but also churches, opera, theater, galleries, libraries, hotels, cafes, and foreign cultural institutes. However, due to limited amount of time (the event was from 18.00 to 24.00), it was better to plan in advance what kind of activities you would like to do and where you would like to go. For me, I had always been fond of museums, so they made up a huge part on my planned schedule XD

The first museum I visited during Stockholm Culture Night was Kungliga Myntkabinettet or the Royal Coin Cabinet in Gamla Stan. I visited this museum based on the recommendation of another friend of mine 😉 Every hour, there was a guided tour you could join during the culture night, although it was in Swedish. I tried to follow it but gave up eventually, partly because of my poor Swedish and partly because I was more interested to explore the collections by myself 😛 Although the name itself was The Royal Coin Cabinet, you could see more than just coins in this museum. There were several thematic exhibitions ranging from the history of savings to the art of medals and even entrepreneurship (where you could also play some interactive games! 😉 )

The second destination was not exactly a museum, but a palace: Kungliga Slottet (the Royal Palace), which was located just across the Royal Coin Cabinet. There was a long queue when we entered the place, but interestingly, there was a staff who offered people in the queue candies

The highlight of our visit was actually the Treasury, where the regalia (i.e. crowns, swords, keys of the state) of the royal families were put on display. Apart from that, we also managed to go up to the Hall, where there were some music performances throughout the night.

The third place I visited was Tessinska Palatset (the Tessin Palace). For me, the most distinctive feature of this palace was its baroque garden. If you looked from the outside, you would never imagine that there was a hidden garden behind what seemed to be “just a building”. Yet there it was, with its unique, almost maze-shaped structure. Nowadays, the Tessin Palace is functioned as a residence of the County Governor.

The garden at the Tessin palace
The garden at the Tessin palace

After the visit to the Tessin Palace, my partner and I were thinking of having a dinner first before proceeding to the next adventure. Yet when we saw people coming in and out of the Royal Armoury (Livrustkammaren), we thought, why not pay it a visit? Especially since we were already there! So… there we went 😉

The first display I saw there were the collections royal carriages (which until this moment I had no idea how they could have put up all those huge (and heavy) carriages down there ^^’ Apart from that, I also managed to take a look on the permanent exhibition in the museum which consisted of items such as armoury, weapons, costumes, jewelry, and toys belonged to the royal family.

The last (but not least) museum I managed to visit during Stockholm Culture Night 2015 was Tekniska Museet (the National Museum of Science and Technology). This museum seemed to be popular place to visit because almost all the passengers of the bus we took got off at this museum. Visiting this museum had somehow awakened the little scientist in me 😉 There were a lot of scientific experiments that you could try on yourself! (Well, I honestly don’t know if the term ‘scientific experiments’ could really describe the fun I found there 😛 ) Unfortunately, it was already late so I couldn’t spend more time in the museum to explore all the interesting stuffs there ^^’

If you have not had the chance to participate in Stockholm Culture Night this year, worry not, because it will come again next year on 23 April 2016! So… see you there! XD (hopefully I’ll be able to make it again next year! 😉 )


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