My favorite places in Stockholm

Hello everyone!

In this post i thought i’d share some places i’ve visited now that Stockholm is being overwhelmed by the excessive amount of sun! (you’ll notice that us swedes really do appreciate the presence of sun mainly because of its non existence for almost half a year making everyone turn into zombies).

Nothing beats finishing off the day with a beautiful sunset or starting a day with a sunrise at 3 am watching the sun light up the sky. Here are some spots i go to see this:

Today, after a long day of studying, i decided to quickly before i bike home go and watch the sunset at this residential area called Hornsbergs strand. 15 min biking from KI campus in Solna and you’re there. Here you’ll find cafeterias, restaurants, outdoor gym, round-shaped docks, people cruising around in their boats (especially during the summer) and some really cool relaxing spots located everywhere in the area to just sit/lay down and chill! During the summer it gets quite crowded and full of life and during the evenings it gets very peaceful with only a few people staying to watch Stockholm slowly say good night.

This is probably one of my (if not THE) favorite spot in Stockholm right now. Here are some pictures i took from my short visit today:                                                     IMG_8690  IMG_92328847814581_3ed6906194_bFullSizeRenderConclusion: you must must must go there and experience this place! 

My second favorite spot, which i visited maybe 2 weeks ago, has definitely something to do with me and my admiration for heights. If there’s a place to go and get a nice view of Stockholm – this is it. Located in the height of the northern part of Southern Stockholm (Södermalm), here you’ll find a small pathway on the edge of the hill which stretches out along that entire part of the city. This area really breathes Swedish history mainly because of its architecture (all of its buildings and houses are being kept as it is since the 1800’s).   If you’re  looking at Mariaberget, it looks like this: img_0811But if you’re on the hills you’ll see a view of Stockholm which looks like this: IMG_1571 IMG_3044Amazing isn’t it?

Hope you’ve all liked this post and got some inspiration about where to go next and see the Stockholm beauty ! All the pictures are taken from my iPhone 5S.

Until next time….                                                                                                            Best wishes 🙂

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