What does Valborg, studies and spring have in common?

Hello all my cyberfriends!

Sun is shining, weather is sweet and pharmacology course is going great! Oral exam is coming up this week on Friday and everyone in the class are intensely studying and squeezing in some ice cream time and looking cool with their shades on!                          In order to take the actual exam on the 12th May one must pass the oral exam. The oral exam consists of essay questions where each student is assigned one to answer and discuss with the rest of the students in your seminar group. If the teacher thinks your answer is satisfactory, you’ll pass! If not….you’ll take the re-oral exam which is in 2 weeks!

Apart from studies, i’ve been busy organizing and planning a career event for all the global master programmes which will be held in May, details about the success/failure of that evening will surely be posted later 😀 Here’s some others things i’ve been up to:

I am currently the president of the Biomedical educational section at KI and by being so i get many opportunities to attend different festivities during the year as a student representative. The closest one coming up is the celebration of Valborg (30th april), a big holiday here in Sweden. Valborg has very little to do with religion and everything to do with the arrival of spring! The forms of celebration vary in different parts of the country and between different cities. It’s usually not a family occasion but rather a public event, and local groups often take responsibility for organising them to encourage community spirit in the different parts of areas in the city. In Stockholm, there is Skansen, an open-air museum and zoo located in Djurgården which will host a more formal ceremony for this occasion. All student-representatives (like myself) at different universities are invited (forced) to attend as a part of the ceremony where we have to hold a flag representing our university, a student union or a section and i will be representing the biomedical educational section.

Last week we had a rehearsal for the upcoming event and it was quite windy and made it all a bit more fun! Here are some pictures:

FullSizeRender-9 IMG_6368But as a “reward” for putting all this effort  so, i will have the great honor to attend the Noble Dinner later this year! Overall, it’s worth it! 😀

Lastly, i’ve basically just enjoyed the really nice swedish spring which is awesome when it actually decides to stay for a while! Here’s me in a picture at Kungsträdgården, a quite crowded spot at the moment because of its famous cherry tree blooming during this time of the year! Lots of people trying to get through and get close to the trees to take that awesome selfie they can post on their social medias. #springhasarrived


Until then…                                                                                                                    Best wishes 🙂

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