First draft (out of how many?)

Ok, what can I say? Today I sent the first ‘complete’ draft of my master thesis for revision. It is time to take a break.

But, actually, that does not mean that this is over. I expect a lot of comments and corrections and maybe a message asking if I considered having a different approach… That is one of the reasons of finishing my document quite early. There are some things I am not sure of and I would like to have enough time to curse and later to work. I don`t want to be cursing while writing.

Apart of that, I still have pending two attachments. I made a lot of advances on one of them today, one that summarizes all my work. The other is a couple of tables with notes of events happening during 37 weeks. I need to summarize 230 lines in each table and a column for each week…. or discard the idea of including it. God save the qualitative research!

I am also having pending the abstract. 300 hundred words that can be extremely painful because you need to write like a Nobel Prize, selecting every word with extreme care. Each one of them must have an explicit intention. And the excluded ones should be also with big reason… Ok, I am little bit dramatic but it is harder than expected.

I worked very hard, I acknowledge it and my wife is also surprised of my dedication. Part of my ‘success’ is having a strict discipline of work, like when I was an employee, from 8 to 5, resting weekends and holidays. And going out to take a deep breath of fresh air when the dumbness took on control of my brain. Sometimes I worked until late hours but that was because I was lazy earlier that day or because my wife was also working in something for her employer.

I sent the same draft to three friends not related to KI that could see my work with other eyes. They can say if the flow of ideas is right, if there are jumps or bumps and they can also check my English writing. They are not experts in my topic or in anything related with health policies.

I am sure I still have a lot of work to do but I came here to celebrate this important milestone with you, relatives and friends.

2 thoughts on “First draft (out of how many?)

  1. Congratulations on finishing your first draft! It was so smart to plan time for revisions. Your hard work will be rewarded with a wonderful thesis in the end 🙂

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