I will be nostalgic

IMG_0760  Pictures by Mauricio Duque Arrubla: Bogotá and surroundings

Apart from all its beauties and happiness, spring has a special touch in my memories. The spring in Stockholm sometime resembles the weather in my town city: Bogotá. Although Colombia is a tropical country and most of it quite hot and humid, Bogotá is 2600m nearer to the stars, the motto one City Mayor used during its governments. That height makes the weather far from hot, but not as cold as Stockholm could be. We only found snow in Colombia over 5000 meters above the sea level.

The days like yesterday, when we reached 14ºC and we could leave the jackets at home are the more similar to my city. Fortunately I like also the cold under zero in this country. I like the feeling of the cold air in my face. It only happens below -4ºC, more or less; if the temperature is nearer to 0ºC the air tends to be more humid andI do not like it so much.

I do not like very much the temperatures above 20ºC. Last year, when we had up to 32ºC in Stockholm (really rare for everyone) I found fresh air in the subway tunnels. The same places that give you some warmth during the winter. Yesterday I felt the first time in this year that the T-Bana station near my house was colder than outside.

It seems I am nostalgic but I’m not. I will be nostalgic if I return to Bogotá and realize that some days the weather resembles the spring in Stockholm. That day I will be nostalgic. Today Stockholm is my home town, the city I like the most, even despite all that awful graffiti on every wall of Gamla Stan.

I only miss my mountains


IMG_0921 IMG_1031 IMG_0988

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