Easter Spirit brings study spirit

Happy Easter everyone!                                                                                                 With the Histology course being over, the new course  Pharmacology and Toxicology has begun on full speed. Course is mostly lecture based with a mandatory seminar by the end of each part of the course combined with a lab. The first part that we just finished was Pharmacokinetics and receptor pharmacology and so far it’s been great! Good lectures and the seminars are very helpful! We sit as a group of students and answer/discuss questions which have previously been given to us and if we encounter any difficulties we have our own teacher assigned to us to help us out. Really efficient learning method and appreciated by many in the class!

Sadly, the swedish weather got to me and i’ve been drifting away from school a bit with fever and a sore throat. I feel well again just in time for easter – nothing can stop me from eating lots of candy and painting eggs 😀

11110873_10152813764356279_3352748530192551834_nNow, a week of own study time awaits!

Until next time….                                                                                                                   Best wishes 🙂

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