My hotspots at KI Solna campus!

Hello world! Stockholm had finally embraced the spring, welcomed it with open arms and with temperature peaking over 15 degrees for weeks now life was good. Too good. As the Friday evening arrived, a horrible storm swept over the city and so it began. Snow, snow and snow. Yes, we are almost reaching April yet Stockholm seemed to misunderstand the concept of spring (plus degrees, blue sky, sun shining and Swedish people being overly nice now that they feel like humans again). Fortunately, mother nature took care of it and the snow melted and was no where to be seen by the end of Sunday evening!

With that said, let’s stick to the main purpose of this post: what i think are the 5 hotspots at Solna campus today! There are many perks of being a KI student, one of them being that many of the facilities for our usage are free of charge! The one’s listed here all fall into that category.

1. Light Therapy Room                                                                                                             Light therapy is a form of therapy with light irradiation against the autumn and winter depression and other mood disorders and we have one here at campus. Students use it all year around though because it’s so relaxing and calming. Just log into their KI website, book with your KI student login and sit there for 1 hour staring at white walls. So simple yet so helpful.

2. Massage chair                                                                                                                       Need i say more? It’s literally the best thing ever. Just go into the KI website, book a time for yourself and go sit and relax for 30 min of awesome massage. It’s located in the “Health promotion department” along with the light therapy room in the heart of the campus.

3. The Green room                                                                                                               It’s not called the green room for nothing. It is literally a green room where you can study and sit/lie on very comfortable fatboys (sitzsacks). The probability of studying effectively is minor though because of two reasons – you’ll focus too much on how comfortable it is lying in one of those or you might fall asleep 😀 (it’s always someone sleeping one one of those).

Hope you found this post fun and interesting!                                                                    Until next time…

Best wishes 🙂

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