What Could Be Good to Do After Admission to KI?

Dear prospective students,

I would like to forward my warmest congratulations to all of you who got the admission for KI global masters programmes. I think those of you who are not admitted this year should continue working on optimizing your application (I mean if you want to apply again to get it next year). I know students who made that commitment and succeeded.

The following is a random opinion list of what could be good to do after getting admission. I know some of them might be obvious and you could be doing them while others could never have been thought at least by some of you. I just put them here together so that you could jot down them to your to do list.

  1. Accept your offer: This might feel quite a silly advice but some people might stay in a happiness fest longer than the period within which they should accept the offer and forget it😄 It is super important to accept your offer as soon as you can within the deadline (April 13).
  2. Reading: The amount and kind of reading might be a bit subjective. However, I would say it helps a lot to read sections of the KI website relevant to you, your pre-arrival guide, KI student blogs, newsletter for admitted students and others you might consider useful. If you want to have a look at last year’s pre-arrival guide for international students, even before you receive your own, you can get it here or google it. It is full of handy tips and advices. In addition, it tells you where to get more information on a topic of your interest. You can also get a lot of practical information by reading the KI student blogs, which is highly based on real experiences of current students. The link for it is ki.se/studentblogs. After some time, you will also, probably, start to recieve a regular e-mail newsletter: newsletter for admitted students. It is good to read it whenever you get it.
  3. Apply for accommodation: You will read from the pre-arrival guide that though getting accomodation in Stockholm is not easy, all fee-paying students outside EU are guaranteed to rent a room at KI housing for their first year of study. However, you should apply for it in time. EU students also need to apply so that they will be in a waiting list. Then it would be also important to register for the student association accommodation in Stockholm(SSSB) so that you will have a better option after you finished your stay at KI housing. You can do this about three months before your first semester begins on this link: https://www.sssb.se/
  4. Program specific preparations: Please check if there are any preparations you need to have related to your specific study program. For instance, it is advisable (not a must) for HEPM students to have some practical knowledge of excel and SPSS.
  5. Optimal communication: It is good to have a proper communication regarding your forthcoming study. Try to read carefully all e-mails and do respond if it is needed. Do not be shy to ask any question you might have. Try to match your questions to the most appropriate person so that you could get more reliable and faster response. However, if you are not sure who is the most appropriate, it would not be a problem to ask someone at KI for whom you get a contact details. You can mention that you would be happy if s/he refers you or forwards your mail to another person, if needed. Sometimes it might be important to check your spam folder too (specially if you do not get a response within the period of your expectation). Last year the e-mail from KI housing asking me to accept my accommodation offer went to the spam folder and the offer expired before I read the mail. So, I had some time of worry and frustration though it was avoided though the help of the office.

 Have a great preparation time towards your journey to KI!

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