Novo Nordisk Career Seminar

On March 5, I attended a career seminar held by KI career service. The title was How to utilise and develop your skills in Novo Nordisk – a global leader in diabetes care. The speakers came from Novo Nordisk, a well-known Pharmaceutical company with its  headquartered in Denmark. The purpose of this event is to share with KI students and professionals the career life outside academia.

IMG_0487 IMG_0493

Personally, I really appreciate the preparation made by the speakers. Jeanette From Dack is a talent attraction professional, mainly introduced Novo as an overview. Then the principle scientist Søren Østergaard, shared with us his career story in Novo. Before this event, I knew Novo briefly through course assignment, so it was very interesting and inspiring to hear real-life story from Novo employees.

As I might work at a Pharma company in the future, it is important for me to share a common value with the company culture. Thus I would like to attend more career seminars so that I could create my own ‘company portfolio’. It might not be very deep, but at least an overview or even a ‘feeling’.

Overall, I wish all of you could find in your dream career path and establish your unique position in the market of life!


One thought on “Novo Nordisk Career Seminar

  1. […] While I was napping in bed on Oct 28th, a phone call suddenly woke me up with +45 as the prefix of the phone number. I know something happened, and as I picked up the phone, a nice voice started, ‘Hello, is that Yi?  I am xxx calling from Novo Nordisk. We would like to invite you for an assessment day on November 3rd. Will you be available then?’ I was so surprised that I heard my heart bumping hard. This was in fact my first job interview offer and Novo Nordisk was my dream place to work! […]

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