ToxFamily: The Feeling of Belonging

Inspired by Olivia’s blog about how Biomed students enjoy the journey of traveling around different classrooms and buildings (, I decided it could be a nice idea to show you a different model at KI. Welcome to what it is like to be a ToxMaster student!

Humans have the inherent need to belong to a community. Especially when you are on your own in a foreign country. Partying and having fun around Stockholm is quite easy if you take into account all the activities the city and KI offers. Living in a dorm will help you create your own little family where you live. But being accepted and loved in the workplace is equally important. And this is where the ToxFamily wins.

During the second week in Stockholm, there was something already suspicious. The whole Tox class went for a couple of days to Finnhamn, an island in the archipelago, with three of our main teachers and course secretary. It was amazing. Obviously, we had to work a bit and had some lectures during the morning, but it was completely worth the experience. Spending so much time with your new classmates and enjoying the nature was priceless.

On the boat to Finnhamn!
On the boat to Finnhamn!

And if that were not enough, lovely surprises kept coming. Tox students have approximately 90 % of the courses in the same building. Even in the same class! Despite the fact that this may sound a bit monotonous and boring, it is a wonderful feeling. Walking pass your classroom when it is empty just brings up the best of memories.

In addition, we do not only have a class. We have a student lounge, a computer room and a lab. Relaxing and chilling in the lounge is the equivalent to a living room in a family house. We even go there on purpose if we are on the other side of the campus. But I have to be honest, sometimes we have too much fun and our happiness and sound can get quite annoying (sorry, Andrea and Ida!). The computer room is also fantastic. A perfect place for some of our group work. Also, it includes plenty of Toxicology books available for us. There is no excuse not to study anymore! The lab was recently opened and we have had our first lab course here already.

Amazing infrastructures where you can mingle with your classmates in a familiar atmosphere is the perfect scenario to start our own little ToxFamily. Apart from this, it is worth mentioning the fabulous team behind this ToxMaster. Special mention goes to Annika Hanberg, our ToxMother – always available and willing to help and guide us. You can read more about her in . Last Thursday she organized a wonderful mingle and presentation of possible master thesis. Teachers and students were invited to mingle in the already famous student lounge. Snacks and drinks were also available! It was a really fun evening that strengthened our family ties even more, including the teachers.

During the mingle about possible master thesis
During the mingle about possible master thesis

In conclusion, being a Tox student guarantees that you always feel like you are at home, no matter how far you actually are from your original one. Having people that care and nurse you from day one this much is priceless.

On behalf of the whole Tox class, thank you!

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