Are you satisfied with KI?

Hello everyone,

Last week I talked about the important factors that influenced my decision to choose KI. I have received a comment from a prospective student who did his ‘homework’ early. The comment was asking why I failed to mention the ease of moving a family to Sweden and possibility to stay longer than the actual study period to look for a job. Yes, these are also important but I did not talk about them because they were not considered in my decision. I do not yet have a movable family😄 and the new regulation on staying longer was issued after I made the decision.

The intention of today’s blog is to answer a question I have been asked by many prospective students and friends: ‘Are you satisfied with KI? How? Why?’ I have been receiving such kinds of questions since I started studying here. The reason why my response is delayed is because I wanted to see how things would go as I stay longer at KI. I am about the middle of my second semester finishing the sixth course of the program. Therefore I felt I can answer the question by now.

My short answer to the question is ‘yes, I am very satisfied with KI’. I do not think I can exhaust all reasons for my satisfaction in a single blog. The following are the primary ones. I hope they can answer the ‘how’ and ‘why’ part of the question.

  1. Mode of course delivery and evaluation: All the courses I have taken had an optimized mode of delivery. In all courses, we had group and individual assignments. The assignments are designed carefully in a way to help students understand the subject matter of the courses. Most of them are focused on identifying and solving country level practical problems. We are not expected to memorize specific pieces of facts to pass exams. What is desired and appreciated at KI is to understand the subject in a way that can help to solve a context specific practical problem.
  2. Excellent student-instructor interaction: Instructors at KI are easy to approach and talk to both in formal and informal contexts. In most courses, we had a chance to have a ‘fika’ with the course team members at least once. Even in formal classroom discussions everyone is free to say his/her own opinions in any way he/she preferred. The instructors are excellent in understanding and accommodating different points of view on an issue. If we have a question or comment, we always have more than one way to forward it. If the question or comment needs a response, they know how to respond in a manner that could not compromise anonymity.
  3. Students’ freedom to choose their preferred method of learning: At KI, most instructors have well understood that students have different ways of learning. Some prefer to attend all lectures, while other like to read by themselves. At KI, it is not a problem to have any of these preferences. Most courses do have only a few mandatory lectures. So, as an adult, it is the students’ responsibility to decide what is good for them.
  4. Student services: All student services at KI try their best to meet our expectations. The library service, fitness and wellbeing, the student health center are just a few to mention.
  5. Opportunity for continuous learning from diversified classmates: If you have read my old blog about class diversity, you have a knowhow and I do not need to describe it now. So, as far as I have the interest to learn, everyone of my classmates have something to teach. In every group assignment, you will meet new people who will definitely teach you some skill. What is expected of you is willingness to learn and share what you have. So, is it surprising if I am very satisfied with KI?

Let me stop here for today. I wish good luck to all applicants. On or around March 26, I plan to have an opinion blog about what could be good to do after admission.

Hej då (good bye)!


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