A trip to Warsaw

Hello everyone!

In the next post describing places you can visit while studying in Sweden I would like to write about Polish capital, Warsaw. Going there is always a nice adventure, which I’m able to present to you from a tourist’s perspective, since I’m not originally from this city. Let’s then have a look at places that, in my opinion, might be worth visiting during your trip to Poland.

How to get there?

Going to the other side of the Baltic sea is quite straightforward. If you are not a connaisseur of a business class, you can take a cheap flight from Skavsta airport located in Nyköping. The quality of the flight obviously is discutable, nevertheless the whole journey takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, so it is not that bad, but don’t count on free drinks though. The price of the ticket generally oscillates between 30 and 300 kronor, and it’s better to chose Wizzair airlines, because their aircrafts fly to the Frederic Chopin airport, the main one in Warsaw.

What to see?

You will spend probably only couple of days in the city, as we did. In that case, you should surely visit the city centre. The most representative streets you should visit in Warsaw are:  Aleje Jerozolimskie (Jerusalem Avenues), Marszałkowska (Marshall street), Krakowskie Przedmiescie (Cracow suburb steet) and Nowy Świat (New World street). There you can find many shops, pubs and restaurants as well as old buildings that survived (or were rebuilt) many of Warsaw’s desctructions. Take a look at some of the photos from this district (Again thanks go to Adrien who was so kind to let me publish his photos from the trip):

Another interesting place is called Ogród Saski (Saxon Garden), where you can feed squirrels. Those are running freely across the paths, not afraid of the people’s presence at all. 


I can also recommend visiting Royal Baths Palace located in the centre of the surrounding park. In the park you won’t spot squirrels this time, but peacocks, swans and ducks instead. Those are proudly strolling around the park, showing their precious feathers to all of the visitors:

Where to eat?

You can always eat in a fancy French or Italian restaurant, if Polish food doesn’t match your taste. Anyway, if you want to try something Polish, look for a Milk Bar, which serves typical food that our grandmas would prepare for us. Many of these bars regained their fame lately with some of them becoming hipsters’ meeting places. They typical meal you should try:

Zupa pomidorowa (Tomato soup), żurek (sour rye soup) or flaki (tripe soup): 3-10 kr

Kotlet schabowy z ziemniakami  i surówką (pork breaded cutlet with potatoes and salad): 25-30 kr

Pierogi (dumplings, 9 pieces, with different fillings: meat, white cheese and potatoes, spinach, cabbage and mushrooms, strawberries, blueberries): 20 kr

So, for the whole dinner you can pay around 60 kronor.

In case of any enquiries, feel free to message me 🙂


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