It’s beginning to look a lot like spring!

Helllooo, apologies for my unintentionally absence here, been up to quite a lot these 2 weeks. Planning, preparing, studying and enjoying the absolutely fantastic weather in Stockholm atm! It was 16 degrees this weekend which (for someone out there) doesn’t sound too warm but it really is for Stockholm!  Here is my week summarized into 3 points:

1. Neuroscience – done. New course – Histology.

Last week was the exam and it felt quite alright. A very theory based course, lots and lots to study! However being such an interesting subject, it is FINE.

Now we are actually in Huddinge Campus, the other KI campus very very far away from Solna campus (where we usually are at). The course we’re taking is Histology and i don’t have too much to say about it just that we’re basically looking at different shades of pink all day. So yeah. Not the best course i’ve done so far, probably the most boring one i will ever take. But to be more positive it’s just a 5 credit course so it’s quite easy and not too much to do 😀

2. Recruitment Event for prospective biomedicine bachelor’s students in Aula Medica.

A recruitment event was organized for High school students in Stockholm raising awareness and most importantly curiosity for the bachelor’s programme! The schedule for the event was filled with presentations from the programme directors, current students in the programmes (like me) and researchers talking about their current research (giving them some insight and inspiration) and hopefully convince some of these youngsters to choose to come to KI this fall!

I was very very nervous, mostly because of the overwhelming number of people in the crowd (500 people!!) but without sounding too confident – i nailed it. I was well prepared for it (which ofc always helps) and all the nervousness just disappeared as soon as i took my first step onto the stage.  Overall a great experience (first time presenting in front of a major crowd) and my other friends did such a great job on the stage as well ❤

Aula Medica, With its 1,000-seat auditorium is KI’s new lecture hall complex. Aula Medica enables the university to arrange major public events, such as the Nobel lectures, which attract audiences from around the world.IMG_6452 11025806_10152746883796279_6092737787254666214_n-2IMG_9065

3. Kick Off meeting for World Values Day organizers (World values initiative).

World Values Initiative is an organisation, run by students and young professionals, that aims at helping people to develop themselves through experience-based methodologies and dialog. In the centre of everything that we do lies the question “Why do I do what I do?”.

Values express what is important to us. They are sources of motivation and drive and form the base on which we build our thoughts and actions. Acting according to our core values unlocks the possibility of achieving greater levels of self actualisation and to become more engaged in everything we do.

World Values Day is an experienced based day for students, alumni and professionals which will occur in November 2015. I am a part of the organizing team this year and all of us gathered together for the first time this weekend to get to know each other and more or less getting ready for an amazing journey we all have ahead of us. Whilst we are in the process of helping people to develop themselves we are indeed helping ourselves as well by doing so.

We were out in Värmdö, an island south of Stockholm. It was absolutely beautiful out there and the cabin we’d rented was placed just by a beach. Magical.16900_10152759226256279_8065940772384434159_n11034240_10152759219411279_1536483361081920211_n11044623_10152759227966279_7177224423782460051_nUntil next time…. 🙂

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