To follow on from @caitlinlongman very informative and fun post on what the best places to visit are in Sweden, I coincidentally happened to be going to fotografiska the following day! This is a little video I did there, it was a very good experience and I can completely see what Caitlin meant. This museum is a photography museum and is according to Tripadvisor a MUST SEE here in Stockholm, so then I felt quite bad having lived here for a year and half that I had never been so off I went! The good thing with this museum too is that they change photographer often enough that you can go back and forth and come out with differing experiences. I liked the style of those who were featured when I went, especially the Israeli-jewish-gay photographer depicting his hardships and of those around him which evoked strong sense of sadness but also of bravery.

Unfortunately the cafe in Fotografiska was absolutely packed and so we could find no seats! However this worked out in our favour as then we went to Gamla Stan and found a cute littel cafe for some cake and coffee, again a cafe I had never been. It seems that was a day of firsts! Hope you like this little video!

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