Health Informatics Study Visits– 2

In the previous blog i had begun documenting some of the study visits, i have participated as part of the previous course in the health informatics.                           The study activities were scheduled basing on the lecture course under study and were meant to reinforce the course content and provide a practical perspective from individuals handling some of the practical aspects of the course. I will give a brief highlight on each visit,the course (Computer applications in health care) was divided into three parts of clinical informatics,consumer informatics and public health informatics and visits corresponded to these parts.

Physician presenting at liljeholmen primary care center
Physician presenting at liljeholmen primary care center

Cambio AB                                                                                                                         This was to one of the lead e-health development companies within Stockholm, providing a range of IT solutions in healthcare, with it’s mix of medical professionals and technology developers, it made it the ideal place to gain an insight into the process of health information’s systems development . Their main innovation being ‘Cambio COSMIC’ an electronic health system used in hospitals and private health providers  in Sweden and beyond.                                                                                                           An introduction to some of the clinical decision support systems under development or implementation by the company was also done during the lectures at Cambio .               This was complemented by a presentation by KI masters students doing thesis at Cambio.

Department of E-Health Stockholm County                                                                   This was to give a feel on the running of the E-health at Stockholm County council with presentation on the administrative structure at the county council and department.            A presentation was also made on some of the in-house software systems the E-Health department is developing.                                                                                              We had to participate in the development process by providing an alternative visualization of information in the Janus toolbar a decision support system integrated into the Electronic Patients system with one of it’s tasks to determine drug reactions knowledge databases  basing on diagnosis made to a patient to improve on patient safely

Liljeholm Primary Care Center                                                                                     This was a more low key visit to a typical primary care center in Sweden. Liljeholm center is within Stockholm. Gained an understanding of how the care processes within the center operate. Interaction was with physicians and few other staff on care process and a brief demonstration on the use of electronic health records (EHR) within the hospital which was specifically the Take Care system, the main patient records system in Stockholm county.

European Center for disease control.                                                                           Final study visit which was related to public health informatics was to European center for disease control (ECDC).The offices of the  ECDC are imposing structures within karolinska institutet solna vicinity. Presentations by staff at the ECDC were related to disease surveillance systems used  within the EU. This is complemented by presentation on the workings of some of the surveillance systems, deployed to provide early detection of epidemics through epidemic intelligence and tools used including Threat tracking tools,early warning and response systems and web-based tools including blogs and social media especially twitter.



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