Tallinn: A Cruise Trip in Winter

Among my friends, a cruise trip to Tallinn has long been in our agenda, yet of course there were many things to be put into considerations while arranging this kind of trip. Schedule, for example. Since most of the cruise departed on Friday evening (unless you were willing to skip the class on weekdays, which is not advisable :p), it is of course better to arrange it when we had no class on that day (which sometimes is not the case). However, we were kind of ‘lucky’ this time because for the first course in this semester, we actually might have one of our Fridays ‘free’, given that we had submitted our take home exam before deadline on that day 😛 To make it more exciting, we actually found that the cabin price for the cruise on that day to be really affordable, so we decided to book it! Tallinn, here we go! 😀

On the day of the departure, one of my friends came to my place and we prepared some dishes for our dinner. Other friends did the same on their own places and we made an appointment to meet at T-centralen/Ropsten station to go to the port together. Since I was the one who was responsible for the ticket booking, I was so nervous all the way. What if somebody missed the schedule? What if I booked the wrong destination and on the wrong day? My head was full of those thoughts and it wasn’t until we finally got the boarding pass that I finally could assure myself that everything was OK ^^’

We departed from Stockholm at 17:30 and scheduled to arrive on the following day at 10:45 (+1 hour difference). Unlike our previous trip, this time we got the cabins at the highest deck (still no windows, though) but we got a TV on our cabin! It was a good thing, because we were planning to watch Melodifestivalen on our way back home XD

Although it seemed like a long journey, we actually managed to find various activities to spend our time. Eating, for example 😛 and visiting the duty free shops. Playing games. Going to the sundeck and watched the ship moved (it was dark, actually, but still). Later at night night we watched some performances and some of us even went to the dance floor (not me 😛 )

It was so cloudy and windy when we arrived in Tallinn the following day, so… coffee first! It was raining when we finished our coffee (and tea, and chocolate, and soup :p), but it didn’t lower our spirit to explore the city! Every now and then we would see the signs in front of the buildings that explained a short history about them. The most challenging part was when we went to the old town wall and climbed the stairs (it was so high! XD )

We only had approximately 7 hours to explore the city but it was enough for us. I like that it was so colorful in Tallinn, in the part I visited, at least 😉

But my most favorite part of this trip? Of course seeing the whole city from the viewing point when it started snowing 😀

See you in the next post! 😉

P.S. Thanks to Marios, Oscar, Ying, Christiane, Dan, and Mateus who had made this trip incredibly fun! 😀

3 thoughts on “Tallinn: A Cruise Trip in Winter

  1. Hello Alicia! This is so nice that you got the snow! I was hoping to see Tallinn in the snow when I visited last winter, but I wasn’t that lucky. I guess I’ll have to try again next year!

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