A Linked in Pop Up Workshop

LinkedIn has already become the leading career development social network and one of the best ways to land at international jobs. I have learned this just last week while googling to decided weather to attend or not the LinkedIn workshop at KI.

Almost every one of us wants to go forward in our professional career. However, only few people benefit from having a continuously updated, all-star profile on professional social networks like LinkedIn. Some of us, including myself are not well aware of the potential importance of these social networks. That is the main reason why I wanted to write this blog departing from the KI LinkedIn workshop.

The workshop was organized by KI Career Service Office in collaboration with PhD Career Link. Workshop attendees received a one-to-one coaching from fellow students trained for the workshop, LinkedIn ‘super-users’. There were also opportunities for participants to have a processional LinkedIn profile photograph. A copy of LinkedIn profile checklist was also provided.

Though I cannot present the entire details of the one-to-one coaching, I would like to talk about few important points, which you might be interested to know. You can choose your profile to be viewable in more than one language so that people can access it in their own language. You can set to receive e-mail job alerts in the areas of your interest or from organizations you want to work at. You can also ask for and give recommendations. University.linkedIn.com can be used as a great source of related information and important tips to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Does the KI Career Service Office planning any other relevant events? The following seminar and workshop are the near future plans of the office. You can look at the self-explanatory posters of the events for further information.

11009738_10206193513822521_452225356_o 5  11028132_10206193513902523_510730918_o

I would like to thank Anethe Mansén (Career Program Officer) for providing me with these posters and brief information.

Blessed weekend!                                                                                                     Befikadu

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