All spectrums of KI

What a week! Don’t even know where to begin!

All the lectures and labs for our neuroscience course has now come to its end and needless to say, it is definitely one of the most interesting subjects i’ve studied so far!  As of now, i will be in a full time study mode for the feared yet manageable exam on Friday! A better summary of the course will be given after i take my exam as a conclusion to it all!

First awesome part of my week: We had a workshop on Thursday all day which consisted of two parts –  looking at histology slides of the nervous system (…..not so exciting) and the second part, which is something i will definitely be pulling out of my sleeve when trying to impress on someone – examining human brains and a spinal cord.

We were groups of 3, taking turns at 5 stations identifying different parts of the brain and the spinal cord and discussing the function of them. With the help of an atlas anatomy book and the use of our own brain (hehe), we intensely tried to locate the different regions (cerebellum, telencephalon, brainstem) the vesicles, nerves and so on. All in all, not too difficult and a pretty cool experience! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures, otherwise i’d be uploading a picture of me holding a brain with an extremely cheesy smile 😀

Histology slides taken from the microscope:

ny peripheral nervedorsal root ganglion

Peripheral Nerve. The specimen shows several cross-sectioned nerve bundles. The myelin sheath is seen as a densely stained black ring, encircling an almost unstained or very weakly stained part (the axon). Axons with different diameters can be observed.

Dorsal root ganglion. The ganglion is surrounded by a capsule of connective tissue, where occasional fat cells and blood vessels can be seen. The specimen shows the typical distinguishing features of the dorsal root ganglia.

Second awesome part of my week: Global Friends is a community at KI which organizes all kinds of events for International students and Swedish students  – for free (most of the time)! This time it  was a skiing event at Hammarbybacken, a skiing facility south of Stockholm! For 150 Swedish kronor we got a ski-pass and full equipment for the entire evening. Lots of fun minus the part that there wasn’t so much snow…. It was 7+ degrees – not the ultimate skiing weather!  Either way, we all had a great time and you have an AMAZING view of Stockholm up on the hills. Here are some pictures:



Third awesome part of my week: Stockholm is (without sounding too biased) one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I’ve travelled a lot in Europe yet nothing beats Stockholm on a early Sunday morning with the sun shining and a clear blue sky. It’s something magical and the breath of fresh air here is something indescribable. Here is me taking a stroll around Hagaparken, the Royal national city Park which is just 10 minutes walking distance from KI campus.


I congratulate anyone that came to the end of this post! To sum it all up – KI is awesome. Until next time…

Best wishes 🙂

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