This is me!

(Due to technical difficulties this blog post was originally posted January 30, 2015 and is now being reposted here)

Hey world!

I am Cassandra Hokka Zakrisson and I am a student at Karolinska Institute. I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biomedicine. So many people say, so what are you going to be? You go to law school to be a lawyer, and medical school to be a doctor, so where does Biomedicine take you? Well, that is why I love this program. Because I could become a medical researcher, or a toxicologist, start my own business, or work in pharmaceuticals. The world is my oyster in this program, and for me, who suffers from constant flights of fancy, it is a perfect fit. But my life as a KI student is just part of who I am.

I am also an American living abroad in Sweden. I came to this wonderful country because I fell in love with a wonderful Swedish man, and we have been married for 4 years this June. My transition to Sweden went a lot smoother having a Swedish family to help me along the way, but I still struggle with the language. Of course, I am not a language motivated or talented person, so don’t let my laziness deter you from moving here to study for several years. Swedish is not a very complicated language, but if you speak English you should get by just fine (thus why I am lazy about becoming fluent in the language). Stockholm is amazingly beautiful in all four seasons, and the city is very different from the rolling hills and wild forests of the countryside. It may be very different from where you are from, but it’s hard to not let it into your heart. I know I have, snow and all. Living in another country is a fantastic experience for helping you understand yourself better, and can drastically change your world view.

I look forward to sharing with you more about Sweden, Stockholm, and KI. All three have so much to offer and are dear to my heart, if you get a chance, try it.

Siberian Husky sitting on rock
My dog Ayla enjoying her favorite perch in the park by our home.

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