Exciting times awaits!

Hej hej hej!

This is officially my first post ever as a KI digital ambassador and as i press the keys on my keyboard i get more and more nervous about what i should write!

I will see this as a platform where i can share my moments with you by posting beautiful shots of the Swedish nature, oh too many selfies and my adventures around KI campus and hopefully give you guys an insight on how it is living life in Stockholm as a KI student. I will most of the time be writing about courses i’m taking (which is neuroscience at the moment – awesome course), my involvement in the student union (Medicinska Föreningen) and my other part time work in general!  But i will also focus on sharing where i go for the cheapest beer, cheapest restaurants and for the best experiences to do as a young 21 (almost 22) year old in this expensive yet amazing city!

Hopefully i’ve caught someone’s attention out there and is interested in reading the next chapter of Tina Sayari’s book, a 2nd year bachelor biomedicine student! Until next time…

Best Wishes 🙂

Here are some pictures of what i’ve been up to this week:

Took at boattrip around the Stockholm Archipelago with classmates.10923625_10152710827516279_2856950324514683464_n

Checked out a potential venue for an event i’m organizing10801766_10152716725126279_5427535617601256535_n

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