Stockholm’s winter is not as scary as I expected

Hello every one,

One of the few worries I had when I decide to come to Sweden was the winter weather. Since I had no a single day experience of snow, I tried to talk to a couple of people about it. The replies I got were even more depressing. When I read ‘…winter chills can occasionally reach -20oC…’, I could not stop shivering.

During my arrival at Stockholm in August, I did not stop asking about the future winter though the weather was quite similar to that of my country by the time. One of the most important responses I got was ‘Number 3 bus takes you right from the exit of the building you are accommodated to your class room and public spaces are well heated’.

When the temperature and daytime length goes down and down, I have known the winter is coming. I bought the necessary clothing and started to wait for the days when I will be forced to use buss 3 instead of the train. The lowest temperature reading I remember in this winter was -13oC for a day or two during Christmas break. I went out on these days just to see what will happen to me and learnt that though the temperature is low, it is not a problem to walk outside as far as I am properly dressed.

It is me; playing with snow
It is me; playing with snow

If there is a heavy snow, the streets might be covered with a thick layer of snow. However, the super-quick bulldozers will clear it away from the main streets and it will no longer a problem to walk. And I didn’t use number 3 buss even for a day in the winter. This is because it saves a lot of time to use the train and there was no need of using the buss.

2   0150203_081724 3  0150204_082647

I think this year is very special. The winter is not very cold and even we had bright days and sunlight most of these days.

Myself and Onga (classmate) enjoying the sun
Myself and Onga (classmate) enjoying the sun

See you next time!


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