Sick; At a Swedish medical center

Since arriving at Sweden i had not had any contact with the swedish health system. That is as a patient though had been to a number of hospitals as part of the health informatics courses to understand the workings in a health setting and interact with professionals to get  challenges the face in provision of care,which i consider more of opportunities for health informatics. An experience i will handle later

Last week i had my first brush with what i can call the Swedish health system. Was feeling ill , probably the long academic calendar was finally taking it tool.                       And it dawned on me how little i knew of about the care process.                                   The orientation information was long lost in my mind, not surprising it was 5 months ago.Do i just walk in to a hospital? which hospital? how does the referral system operate.Were some of the questions i had to grapple with.I will briefly share my ordeal.

Karolinska Student Health Center                                                                                  I had to begin my search with the KI website (seems to have any information relevant to a student).Karolinska institutet also offers student medical services for university students at both campuses in solna and huddinge though they scope is restricted to ‘study related illness.                                                                                                         ‘1177 Vårdguiden ’ was my next destination, a phone based health advisory hotline.     With my personal number and brief description of my condition, the staff manning the helpline referred me to the nearest primary care center.There is also a web-portal providing similar advice.

For the primary care center visit, i went to Rosenlunds Vårdcentral and had to make an appointment for the next day though had initially been offered that same day.The consultation fee was 200 Swedisk Kronor (sek).                                                                 The consultation with the doctor was itself nothing out of the ordinary, though had to switch physicians as the initial one was unable to speak good enough english and i also unable to speak any swedish at best.

Was later to buy prescribed medicines which i could buy from the Apoteket the lead  pharmacy chain in Sweden .  Bang it was over. It seemed rather a smooth flow.

Interested in  information on medical care                                             



4 thoughts on “Sick; At a Swedish medical center

  1. It is important to request a “booklet” where they put a stamp and write the amount you paid in each consultation. That is because after a certain amount, 1200 kr or so, every year (they told me the time counts from the first visit, is not calendar year but I am not certain of that), you do not pay more fees for health care. Something similar exists for drugs but I have not bought any prescription medication in this year and a half. The booklet is also valid for emergency care in a hospital.

    That 1177 is a number we should have in our minds and in pour phones, for ourselves and for our friends. Thanks for bringing it here. My wife had to use it for an emergency and it took some time to remember that service. But it was really helpful for her.

    Hope you are already well, take care of yourself and try to hang out with other people and do not feel alone

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