Going to the cinema in Stockholm

Back in my country, going to the cinema is one of ‘standard activities’ whenever I’m hanging out with my friends (apart from karaoke and eating in a café/restaurant). However, considering the cost of a cinema ticket here (which is 4-5 times higher than in my country), I honestly never thought of going to the cinema here in Stockholm, at least not until several days ago.

It was Saturday night, and one of my friends suggested to either go to the cinema or watched some movies in her room. Long story short, we thought that going to the cinema might be interesting so we met up at the cinema near Hötorget Station. If you look at a building with ‘SF Bio’ sign, it means that you have arrived at the cinema. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived there, all seats for the movie we were going to watch (The Imitation Game) were occupied. So then we checked for another place through the ticket machine and luckily, we found several empty seats at another cinema quite close from the first one.

When I first entered the building, I felt like I had traveled back in time. It was such a classic and antique place (I don’t know if ‘antique’ seems to be a better term to describe it). When I checked the website, it was said that it was inaugurated in 1937 (I hope the translation was correct 😛 ). It’s amazing how they preserved old buildings here because I’m sure that’s not my case in my country *sad*

We had to wait for some time until the theater was opened, but when I entered it, I was like… wow 😮 😮 It was a really huge theater we were in. At the moment I guessed there were around 500 people watching and when I checked the capacity it was actually 588. And not only that, but it was also said that it was suitable for wheelchair. It might be a common thing here but not back where I came from.

As usual, before the movie started, there were several ads on the screen. However, for me the ads were unusually long XD If I was not mistaken, it took around 20-30 minutes for all the ads to be played. Usually, we also had several cinema staffs that walked around the seats before the movie started, offering popcorns or soft drinks but there was none of that here. Instead, there was a man, who acted like a Master of Ceremonies who gave several announcements before the movie started. Unfortunately, due to my limited Swedish skills, I could barely understand what he meant, but I guessed he gave several information regarding the emergency exit ^^’ And also, the subtitle for the movie was in Swedish (obviously), which is good, because then I could try to improve my Swedish language skills…. a little XD

Overall, I was quite happy with this new experience 🙂 Although due to the price of the tickets, I might not go there too often. But anyway, here at KI you could often find the advertisements looking for research participants, which gave a movie ticket or two as the compensation. So perhaps someday I might try my luck on that! XD 😛


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