10 ways winter has made me SUPER uncool

If you are anywhere near the KI campus or have seen our instagram pictures (#KIsnow & #KIGlobal) you would know that we are living in a winter wonderland. Winter in Sweden is an incredible experience but I have developed a strong love/hate relationship with the snow, especially when it makes me feel anything less than graceful.

Here is my list of the 10 things that make me feel SUPER uncool while trying to survive a Swedish winter.

  1. Snow leads to ice. I agree the snow is beautiful but when the snow starts to melt a sneaky layer of ice forms. Any of you who live or have visited the Pax dorm will have had an experience with the icy slope of death that leads to the entrance of the building.


  1. Snow shoes are ugly and my hair never looks great after I have removed my beanie. Somebody had to say it.


  1. LAYERS! I have forgotten what it is like to only wear one layer of clothing. Do you know how many times a day I add and remove layers just to walk from the bus to class and back home???


  1. Ice skating should only be attempted by professionals.


  1. Snow balls are fun until you get hit in the face or you walk inside and realise that the remains of the last snow ball is in your shoe.


  1. When it is cold it is really hard to not think about hibernating.

 bear max

  1. Don’t even talk to me about the darkness – although it is getting lighter every day YIPPPEEE!

 sad face

  1. Winter vomiting sickness is a real thing.

 winter vomiting sickness

  1. Just because you know how to drive does not mean you know how to drive in snow (and on the other side of the road). There may or may not have been a small incident on Christmas day that involved a long, dark, snowy walk back to the hotel to ask for help. I like to describe events like this as character building.

 what blizzard

  1. Glamorous locals – you know who you are! This is noticeable when I am out on a Saturday night in my snow boots and million layers and you are walking around in high heels. You are like fashionable snow ninjas.


If you can think of anymore “uncool” winter moments let me know by sending an email to caitlin.longman@stud.ki.se or leaving a comment below.

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