Tekniska Museet

The city of Stockholm, despite being the capital of Scandinavia and truly loved by many, can indeed be a bit cold and grey sometimes – or many times. But this should never stop you from carrying on with your normal daily routine. Or, make a change and do something out of the ordinary. For example, act like a tourist – because if you study here for a year or two you are not a tourist anymore – and visit some museums!

Before the Christmas break, I went to Tekniska Museet (Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology) and I have to admit, I had loads of fun as if I were a child again.

When you enter the museum you first start with a wide area full of airplanes, cars and all sorts of machines. While walking around you can get a feel of how the years go by and how we love to complain. Haven’t you ever packed your suitcase and complained about how much space a hair dryer occupies? Well look at how they have improved! (If you click on the pictures, you can see them enlarged).

Then, we went to the sports area (I believe it was mainly for children, but it did not matter to us!). Plenty of activies that can get you moving such as dancing with the Xbox Kinect game, “Slalom”, running, testing your balance and even slides. After sweating it out, we were ready to continue.

Because we did not plan the evening in advance, we had to skip some of the exhibitions, but we made it to “Digital Revolution”. A temporary exhibition available until the 30th of August 2015 that is completely worth it if you remember games like Pacman or old-time Gameboys. It was amazing going around those old-fashioned games, activities and computer programmes. No matter if they were familiar to you or not, it was incredible seeing how times have changed. From big computers to some the size (and almost the weight) of a piece of paper. Certainly, a revolution.

Other exhibitions that we missed include “100 innovations”; Christopher Polhem, a Swedish inventor, exposition; “The Enegy Game” and several more, that you should definitely discover on a trip to this museum. Totally worth going.

Just a quick last tip (considering we are not tourists on a tight planned schedule): The entrance is free on Wednesdays from 5 pm to 8 pm and the Digital Revolution exhibition costs only SEK 50 those evenings.

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