Summary of Health Policy and Systems (HPS) and semester I

Hello everyone,

The autumn semester of our first year course work came to its end with HPS. A brief overview of this course is presented in this blog. The primary aims of the course were to enable us:

  1. Understand the six building blocks of health systems of any country and how they are interrelated and affect each other
  2. Apply the policy analysis triangle to analyze health systems
  3. Deal with all rounded aspects of health policy and systems research

In addition, we were introduced to the knowhow and skills of academic writing and using poster as a way of disseminating research findings (elaborated in my last blog).

The course delivery consisted of several lectures (including ‘inspirational speeches’ by practitioners invited from organizations such as WHO. A unique feature of this course’s delivery was that it was scheduled in a way that enabled us to have about three weeks Christmas break. This was made based on the interest of students. Majority of the lectures were delivered before the break and we were working on our assignments during the break.

The effort made to incorporate students’ comments and suggestions for improving the course content and delivery was exemplary. Almost every opinion in any of the classes were well documented by the members of the course team. A weekly log-book entry that every student has to make and final oral and online course evaluations were also done. I am sure that both this course (for next batch students) and our advanced HPS will be delivered, even, in the best way they can be.

As this course is the last, not least, of the semester I would like to summarize the concluded semester in few of my favorite pictures. In my opinion, these pictures can tell the most important message of the courses we had in this semester.

Introduction to Public Health Sciences
Introduction to Public Health Sciences
Health and Medical Care Financing
Health and Medical Care Financing
Health Planning
Health Planning
Health Policy and Systems
Health Policy and Systems

PS: February 2 is the deadline for receipt of supporting academic documents for the autumn semester applicants. Prospective students are, always, most welcomed to write us about anything they are not sure or something they would be interested to read as a blog.

See you next time!


2 thoughts on “Summary of Health Policy and Systems (HPS) and semester I

  1. Hi Befikado!

    My name is Fatemeh and I´m a pharmacist.
    I´m going to apply for the master programme Health Economy, Policy and Management this year. But I have so many questions.

    I wonder if we can meet/ Skype so I can ask my questions from you? That would be a great help!
    Best regards

    1. Dear Fatimeh, Befikadu is no longer a student here and is no longer blogging for Karolinska Institutet. You are of course welcome to contact our new ambassadors at the programme if you have any questions:
      Best regards, Jenny – International Relations Manager KI

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