ESBRI- Open Lectures on Entrepreneurship 

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Invited by classmates taking course in SSES, I attended a conference lecture yesterday in central Stockholm. I found it very interesting experience and would like to share with you.

The lecturer, John Mullins professor from London Business School, has written several books about theories on Entrepreneurship and start-ups. The topic he introduced yesterday was about the new models of raising money from customers. As there are more and more new business model emerging and achieving success, it is essential for start-ups to think about raising customers’ money as venture capital, such as pay-in-advance, subscription, matchmaker, service-product, scarcity models.

During the break, I heard someone saying that they are the target audience of this lecture, because pay-in-advance model was perfect for their business. This might be the biggest purpose of this kind of open lecture. I used to watch some open lectures online, but I found it more lively to sit and listen to the lecturer on the spot.

ESBRI, the organization to promote the entrepreneurial knowledge, represents the Swedish spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. If you are interested in networking and seeking opportunities outside academia, it might be a good chance to sign up for a lecture you are interested in.

p.s. The ESBRI Website


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