Thesis time

Since last week I was thinking on writing this post. On Monday 20th I formally started the thesis time although we have been thinking on that at least 8 months ago. I wanted to make some reflections on my general perception of the Master Program and about finding thesis and supervisor but now I do not which will be the main topic.

If you are facing a master thesis at KI in one year or so you must start finding supervisor soon. It is not difficult to find the topic and you will find a knowledge gap where you can live for some months. But other thing is the supervisor as all researchers, Pos-Docs and any kind of possible supervisors have specific interest, they are very busy and they will be reluctant to supervise (mainly because they do not have time, the expertise or because they are already busy supervising other students).

It is better to find a place in an existing project although you must be sure that you can have a project that support by itself while being part of a bigger one. The difficult thing could be to find the ongoing research projects. I acknowledge there are a lot but most of them are not easily to find as we are not exposed to them. If you have an interest in one specific topic, try to find supervisor in the beginning of second semester and do not stick on it if you do not find the person. That happened to me and it is not nice to see the deadline approaching and you do not have a clear project with supervisor. But be aware that you are not allowed to start working in your thesis until you finish 60 credits.

The thesis project is part of a learning process and it is not a death or life matter if you do not follow your initial idea. Of course you need to find a cozy nest to stay for 4 months or so but you should acknowledge that this time it will be better to use the other’s home and contribute to embellish it. You should feel comfortable with the project but think that in the work life outside the academia you are not that free to choose.

Of course, all these opinions come from kind traumatic process of finding supervisor. Other student could tell you another different story. As it happens in the story of the six blind men and the elephant. Do you know that story? Here is it. I am only one of the blind men.

And, at the end, I did not talk about the general overview of the program 🙂 Enjoy the snowy Stockholm we are having this January (pictures from last Friday morning).

One thought on “Thesis time

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