A Farewell in the Ambassador’s Residence

This month, an Indonesian friend of mine who worked at our embassy is going back to Jakarta since her working period here has been over. In the light of her departure, the embassy arranged a gathering with Indonesian society in Stockholm, not only to bid her farewell but also to welcome her replacement. An announcement was posted at the embassy’s website, although to be honest, if it weren’t because of my friends, I might never know about this gathering 😛

The event was held in Wisma Duta, which, if I’m not mistaken, also served as the residential place for the ambassador. I’ve never been there, although there had been several Indonesian gathering, including Independence Day celebration, Eid, and Christmas. The place itself was located in Lidingö, and I actually had no idea where exactly it was so I was glad I could go with most of my Indonesian friends XD

To reach the place, we took the Ropsten T-bana and continued our trip by bus. It was only one stop but it seemed quite faaaar, perhaps because we had to cross the sea? (Not sure about this, though 😛 ) We still had to walk (climb the hill, to be exact) to reach the place. Although it was quite a long journey (maybe it’s just me, because it was the first time I went there), the view around us was really magnificent! Unfortunately, it was dark already so I couldn’t get a decent picture to be put here.

The first thing I saw that distinguished the building from the others was the presence of our country’s red and white flag. There had been several guests arrived and the event started not so long after our arrival. It was started with a speech from the Deputy Governor of Bank Indonesia, who was leading the delegation of the bank for a business visit to Stockholm, followed by farewell speech from my friend who’s going to go back to Indonesia and an introduction from her replacement. There was also a speech from the ambassador, explaining current relationship between Sweden and Indonesia, especially those regarding business investment. To my surprise (and I shouldn’t be surprised, really), Karolinska Institutet was also mentioned on his speech, since KI was also involved in the establishment of Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L).

It’s always nice to attend this kind of gathering, not only because you get to know many people from your home country (and I’m always amazed to see different people each time), but also because it means you could take as many taste foods from your home country! (Honestly this has always been my motivation most of the time 😛 ) Also since this was the first time I attended a dinner in an official place, it was also my first time using the tableware with our National emblem engraved on it. Pretty cool for me 😛

The cup with our National emblem. Help yourself with more coffee (or tea if you prefer 😛 )

So that’s a little experience from me. See you on the next post!


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