Recall the days when I applied for KI


I just realized that it is the deadline for this year’s application. Are you excited and anxious when you put the envelop into the post box, prospective students?

I recall the days one year ago when I was also anxious about handing in the application files. It was after the Christmas break. I felt exhausted from three weeks’ traveling, while I still had the application document to write. My brain was excited but my body was tired to respond. Maybe it was also a procrastination problem 😉

KI student blog was indeed encouragement to me during that period. I read through blogs categorized as ‘application’ and I read most blogs about Bioentrepreneurship. It is said that the more familiar you are with something, the less likely that you fear. So it was my case, I got more confident and less worried as I know more information about Ki, about MBE and about Sweden.

For those of you who are worried about the result of the application, I don’t know if this blog could help you release the anxiety. I hope your dream will come true in April.

See you in September!

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