Why Toxicology? – PS: Happy New Year!

This year is almost over. Actually, it has already ended in some places. But some hours away from the change of year here in Spain (where I am for the holidays) I thought it would be a good idea to remember the reason behind one of the biggest adventures of my life until now. 2014 included the first time I left my city, my country and my comfortable nest I have at home with me lovely family and friends. It was time to fly away (at least for now!). And my flight took me to Stockholm to study Toxicology.

photo 3
No snow for me. In Burriana, Castellón (Spain).

So, why Toxicology?

When I tell people what I am studying, many of them ask: “Oh, such a specific field” or “So you only focus on the bad effect of things?”. But I believe that they just do not know the beauty behind it.

Due to my background – I studied Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences – I felt that I already had a broad knowledged and felt prepared for something new. I wanted to do something more specific, to avoid studying the same thing for the next two years, but at the same time I was afraid of narrowing my options. So I found the perfect balance with Toxicology. It is quite specific, so you learn things that are not very usual at a Bachelor’s level. But, Toxicology is such a broad science that you can then work in almost any field you desire, from research work to regulatory processes and risk assessment. So what I have learned to far is that Toxicology does not narrow down your future career options, but it widens the window of possibilities.

Also, Toxicology is not only about studying the “bad things”. It is about protecting ourselves and our future. It is creating a safe and correct scenario for the development of medical and industrial products. For instance, making sure a drug is safe is as important, if not even more, as discovering the drug and target itself. Understanding the risks allows us to benefit from the advantages.

This was just a short reflection about why I decided to go into studying Toxicology in the first place. So, for now, all I have left to say is how happy I am I made that decision approximately one year ago, during KI’s application period. And here I am, home again for a couple of weeks loving every second of it, but also missing the lovely experience I am living at KI.

To sum up and wish you all a happy new year, I leave you a picture of my fabulous white Christmas. Because, who said it had be snow?

photo 1 (1)
My white Christmas.





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