The Last Sunset of 2014

As the few hours of 2014 fade into history let me share a picture of the last sunset in Stockholm of this very interesting year, almost half of which I have spent here in Sweden.

The last sunset of 2014
The last sunset of 2014

Like most humans confronted with the pretty sight of the last sunset of a passing year I was prone to nostalgia and hopeful dreaming as I reflected on the things I have done and the things I have failed to do. It only takes a few choice words from a now de facto defunct American band Semisonic (they haven’t released an album since 2001) to make me realize that

every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end (Semisonic, 1998).

I know the quote makes no sense but the song is an ear worm.  We mark beginnings and endings because we are hopeful creatures. I mark the end of 2014 with this picture of a sunset knowing that (excepting the possibility of my demise or the demise of this planet, or sudden collapse of the sun) I may live to see a new day and a new year tomorrow. A day to start anew.

This year marked the beginning of my (mis)adventures in Sweden and I am hoping for more more adventures in 2015. I’d like to make 2015 as the year of Sweden in my mind so I have listed down things I’d like to do to learn more about this country and its people. They are:

  • to learn 10 Swedish words every day of 2015 (that’s 3,650 words by December 31, 2015, to dream is gratis)
  • to travel in Sweden and find out more about the different regions and their geography
  • to read books by Swedish authors in English (because I don’t think I will understand them in the original Swedish, not yet)
  • to learn how to ice skate
  • to befriend the Swedes and try to find out about all of the above from them.

So, there. I wish everyone happiness and good health. Gott nytt år!

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