Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Hello everyone,

When we start class in September we had access for the full academic calander. Since KI academic calander is so stable it is quite possible to plan all the travels that a student wishes to have in the whole year. However, the academic year is a bit tight and there are only few-days breaks in between courses and semesters, but one quite long at the end of the two semesters, from June to August. I have noticed that many of us are crazy about celebrating Christmas. This is because one of the most frequent questions asked in our first days at KI was about the possibility of having a longer holiday break for Christmas.

Fortunately enough, finally, we were given a satisfactory response. It is decided not to have classes and let us stay away working on group and individual assignments, from December 19 to January 7. Almost everyone was happy with the decision as it is possible to work on assignments from anywhere in the world.

Because of wonderful game of KI people on the academic calander, it has become possible for most of my classmates to ‘fly’ anywhere they like. Myself and some other classmates have decided not to move anywhere but to better explore Stockholm. I am sure none of us will regret with the choices we made. For those of you not sure what to do, I would recommend, even having a simple walk in the different parts of the city. I have been walking around T-centralen and I can witness that Stockholm is made to be even more beautiful by the decorations made for the forthcoming holidays.

It is also possible to get an idea of some events (–do/Guides/Christmas-in-Stockholm/) in Stockholm during Christmas and what kinds of things we may see if we find ourselves out these days

Street.Xmas tree 2Best Xmas treeMountainAshengualitBiscute 1BiscuteMerry_Christmas and HNY 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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