An Afternoon in Tumba Bruksmuseum

Have you ever heard about an area in Stockholm called ‘Tumba’? Most of people I talked to didn’t even know where it actually was, but since some of my friends lived there (by the time I wrote this, only one actually) I got a chance to visit this lovely area during the past few months.

Whenever I wanted to visit my friend, I had to board a bus that went through ‘Tumba Bruksmuseum’ bus stop. I had been curious for some time, what kind of museum it could be, giving the condition that it was somewhat faraway from Stockholm’s city center. However, it was not until recently that my question was finally answered.

Tumba Bruksmuseum (translated as ‘Tumba Papermill Museum’ on its official website) is a museum of tradition and history in Tumba, which had been the center of paper making, especially those that was used for the bank notes in Sweden. The history of papermaking in Tumba dated back as old as the 18th centuries, when the Central Bank of Sweden (Sveriges Rikes Ständers Bank, now called Sveriges Riksbank) decided to build a paper mill in order to enable the production of the bank notes in Sweden domestically (read here).

The museum consisted of 4 different buildings. The first that we entered (which actually was not the main building XD ) was ‘Kölnan’. In this building, we could see pretty much about the history of Tumba’s paper mill and how life was like in Tumba back then. Although all of the descriptions were in Swedish, they had some interesting things to be displayed. My favorites were actually the ‘Musical Life in Tumba’ part and the classroom!

The second building we entered was the Oxen House (which was actually the main building, I think). The exhibition here showed mostly about the history of Swedish Central Bank and all about Swedish banknotes. Additionally, they also had an attractive collection of various banknotes from all over the world. However, for me, the most interesting part of this section was the video that shows a range of security measurements that could be placed upon a single banknote! Although later I found out that the banknote shown in that video was a specimen made especially for a trade fair, it was amazing to see how such kind of technology had developed over time 🙂

The Red Warehouse (Röda Magasinet) was the next building we visited in Tumba Bruksmuseum. Here you could actually watch the process of paper-making directly through the guided tours. However, we came quite late that afternoon so we didn’t get the chance to see it.

The last building we visited there was Spruthuset. This building was first built to serve as the fire station in the mill, so the exhibitions you could see here were pretty much related to that area. The highlight here was of course, the huge red fire truck 😉

If you would like to visit this museum, you could take the pendeltåg to Tumba and take the bus number 725 to Rönninge Station and stop at Tumba Bruksmuseum. It might seem quite far, but hey, why don’t we take advantage of our time while we’re here? 😉

See you in the next post!


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