”Pizza with the Vice-Chancellor”

Karolinska Institutet (KI) students had a pizza with the Vice-Chancellor: Professor Anders Hamsten. The program was on November 24 and December 3 in Huddinge and Solna campuses, respectively. The aim of the program was to discuss about the future of KI and its students. Since the Huddinge’s program was in Swedish, this blog will be mainly about the Solna program.

The program was started at 12:00pm by responses of the Vice-Chancellor to questions paused by the program moderator (Peter Solsjö, student at the Master’s Programme in Biomedicine). In the discussion, issues that are relevant to students were raised. Accommodation for international students, improving the learning environment, strengthening career services for graduates, e-learning and innovation, increasing participation of students during election of individuals for key positions in the education system were some of the points discussed thoroughly. Since the discussion was very interesting, I didn’t believe to see that the time was already 12:38 when the stage was opened for students’ questions.

Though the time was short, we had the chance to ask very relevant questions. Some of the points asked by students and discussed were: existence of efforts to benefit from pedagogical researches, lack of scholarships for developing country students and its consequence, what students do to better chances of further education, physical activity facilities.

Towards the end of the program, the vice-chancellor asked students to reflect on why they chose to study at KI. One of the responses was: ‘…I was a Bachelor student at KI and I had the opportunity to study my master’s in many other universities. However, since I had known KI is one of the best Universities, both globally and nationally, I preferred to persue my education here. Another speaker said: ‘the short time experience I had as an exchange student at KI few years back changed my mind and made me apply for a masters at KI. Now, it three months since I started studying here and I am very happy with the experience I am having as a student’.

Finally, the day was concluded by an ‘e-learning innovation award’ to a woman who is doing a great job in the area.

Though the official program got its end here, small group discussions with the vice-chancellor were going on at least until I move away.

Sorry, I didn’t forget the pizza; it was very special and enjoyable (I hope everyone felt the same). One thing I have observed is that milk free and gluten free pizzas were not competitive enough to be consumed as others both at Huddinge and Solna. The analysis is open for you.

I would like to stop my talk here inviting you some pictures from the event. For those of you interested to read more about the future of KI, I would recommend you to read strategy 2018 (https://internwebben.ki.se/en/strategy-2018).

Thank you!


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