If you need satisfaction, go to KI Library

Hello everyone,

Karolinska Institutet(KI) library service is one of the greatest sources of my satisfaction as a student. The following are some of the library services that I would always like to talk about:

  1. The library information desk: Nowadays, I am feeling that it gives me some sort of ‘little happiness’ just to stand and ask information for something at the information desk. Do you know why? The highest commitment and readiness of the staff to answer my question and the depth and practicality of the information they provide is beyond words to talk about. There is no question that would be left unanswered as far as you dare to ask it. The question could be very simple technical question like: ’how can I write @ on Swedish keyboard?’ or very advanced like for instance ’about the nomenclature of the degree program you are studying’. The minimum expected answer is to get a referral, accompanied by contact details, where you can get better information.
  2. A reading environment convenient to every student: Everyone has his/her own preference when it comes to reading environment. Some need a quiet area, other would not bother about silence, and still some others might prefer to study in a group and so on. As a student in KI, you have the option to choose anyone of these; or if your preferences change every time it does not matter; you need only to change your room.
  3. Online reading material search: The library gives a huge access to online reading material. You may search for an article from several data bases just standing at the library page (http://kib.ki.se/en/homebox/1). ‘I am having the best access in my life; I am even helping friends in my country by downloading and sharing articles’ is an expression of one of our professors talking about it.
  4. Library card: KI library is a ‘magic key’ that opens any ‘closed door’ you might face. It helps you to execute book loans and returns by yourself. It also entitles you to an unparalleled opportunity of accessing the library reading rooms at any time even outside the library opening hours. It does not end here; you can also enjoy the student gym if you have the card at hand.
  5. Loan: My experience was that after searching a book for a loan, if the computer tells me this book is at Huddinge (the other KI campus), I immediately turn my face to other alternative books. This was not to go to Huddinge. However, while I was making a search recently with one of the library staff I have learnt that even if the book is at Huddinge, I can order to pick it from Solna (my own campus). Oh! How nice is this??!!

These are just the library services I have used so far but I know there are many more including language assistance for your writing and several trainings. I will tell you about the others when I taste them.

See you!


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