A walk to the past-Nobel Museum Stockholm

During this time of the year, when everything in Stockholm gears for Christmas coupled with the ‘afternoon’ darkness which was alien to me, but my simple remedy to that is to have an event filled schedule and try to make my equator based ‘biological clock’ ( Days and nights are almost equal throughout the year in areas around the equator)  come to terms that darkness does not mean going to sleep.                                         As you might now been aware  one of the most prestigious awards ceremony in the world takes center stage in Stockholm in the preceding few weeks- The Nobel prize awarding ceremony officiated by the King of Sweden, the magic date being December 10th  and a host of Nobel seminars preceding that.

To have a taste of this, there was no better way than finding out what Nobel awards is all about and there was no better place to do that other than at the Nobel museum in Stockholm                                                                                                                          A  break from the usual Stockholm afternoon darkness,which i have slowly learnt to adapt .I decided to take a stroll in the Nobel museum and may be gain inspiration towards the path to ‘nobelity’ which is definitely a tall order but the experience was nevertheless breathtaking. And gain insight into the history of the Nobel prizes.As a student i was able to get a discount  on the entry fee, offers which quite prevalent in Stockholm and i have utilized maximally in the past few weeks.I think this makes Stockholm a uniquely student friendly city.As always because of my poor Swedish language skills, i was privileged to be part of the English guided tours.

Entrance to Nobel Museum
Entrance to Nobel Museum

A dedicated section of the museum will take you through the life of Alfred Nobel,his works and inspirations and a deep love for science and peaceful utilization of technology especially the dynamite, his most popular innovation.The level of travel of life and original works of his wills is also on display. It was intriguing on the amount of travel he undertook which is displayed in a map on this dedicated section of the museum.The well preserved except of  Alfred Nobel will of which in effect led stipulated the allocation of the wealth towards the Nobel Prize winners .Miniature structures of the Nobel prize awarding institutions are also displayed, where you will find a lovely miniature structure of the Nobel forum of Karolinska Institutet.

Nobel Travel Map


Nobel winners.

The museum contains a whole range of items donated by Nobel prize winners, one of my favorite was a hat worn by Wole Soyinka: my favorite childhood poet and playwright, as he fled from Nigeria’s Military authorities. You will view videos of some of the past Nobel awards ceremonies  and lecture presentations on some of the key themes of the Nobel prizes, science and peace. Why are there only prizes for medicine, physics,chemistry and literature which i was told by the guide was Noble’s favorite  time.

Miniature of Nobel forums
Alfred Nobel Innovation

Nobel Prize for the future

My most interesting moment of the whole visit to the museum was the interactive session in the Museum,which gives visitors  an opportunity to vote for the futuristic awards  Nobel prizes. With real time results amongst the participants at that time.Some of the options were energy usage Nuclear vs Solar energy,Cure for Malaria vs Cancer vs AIDS and similar stuff.There is a dedicated museum restaurant and  souvenir shop where you will get a piece of the Nobel history.

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