The volunteering experience at CHASE

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Sorry for such a late blogpost about my volunteering experience at CHASE on Nov 12. I got cold the day after CHASE, which I guessed was due to hard working 😉

As Dina introduced in her blog about CHASE, it was the biggest career held in KI so far.  Thanks to the great effort of CHASE organizers, big companies like Roche, ims Health, Novo Nordisk came to KI this year. There were many career fairs held in KTH as I studied there, while Armanda might be the most famous one. I looked forward to a career fair like CHASE in Karolinska Institutet for so long.

 When I received an email about volunteering, I applied immediately. I would like to work for it whenever I had free time. Ever since the start of MBE program, everyone told me to network, network and network, but I didn’t know how. And here came the opportunity, my main question was about a possible internship in 2015 at the pharmaceutical companies or consultancy companies.  

On Nov 12, I was the technician for presentations in MF Aula, and was very lucky to listen to three presentations from Roche, ims Health and AstraZeneca. The presenters came from different divisions of the company, so it was very interesting to listen to their stories. I found that very inspiring as the presenters tried to tell their personal story and communicated with the audience, instead of a traditional slide-after-slide presentation. Although most KI students aimed for future career in academia, they could also get a glimpse into the possibilities in pharmaceutical industry.

In the afternoon, my work was rather easy and I mingled with the companies I was interested in. It was actually not scary as I imagined. Representatives from the company were quite friendly. I noticed one difference. If you talked to someone from R&D background, he/she would emphasize that you should choose your career based on you interest. One the other hand, people  from HR background talked more about personal qualifications. That should be a big question to myself when I think over future career.

After all, I consider CHASE as a really exciting event, as it complements the research-oriented Karolinska atmosphere. The volunteering experience is very inspiring for me in terms of career perspective. I hope that in the future there would be more and more career fairs in KI.


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