Why did I choose Bioentrepreneurship?

This blog is inspired by James, who wrote Why I am pursing a master’s degree in health informatics.

After studying twos months in MBE (Master of Bioentrepreneurship), I want to take this opportunity to reflect upon my study so far.

Trained to be a Biochemist, my bachelor education focuses on logic thinking, deduction, laboratory skills and memorisation etc. Biology was what I like out of all subjects when I studied in secondary school. However, studying to be a Biochemist was not entirely what I liked to do at university. I was more interested in organizing projects and courses in humanities and social sciences.  There were situations when I feel depressed when I stepped into the labs. ‘There must be something wrong’, this thought came to my mind at the third year of my study. Unlike some classmates, I didn’t feel enthusiastic about lab practice and even felt bored with lectures. Then I decided to take a break and applied for exchange program in Germany. 

In the winter of 2013, I started as a student in Technische Biologie in Stuttgart University. As an exchange student, I had much more spare time to think about my study, future, career and everything. I also started own research project in the lab. Things were getting slower but better. It is during this period that I start to reflect my strengths and weakness, what I feel most motivated in the past years, what I feel comfortable working with. I started analyzing myself more than I ever did.

The result was the application for MBE, as I found myself more suitable working with people than test tubes. I imagined the ideal career I was most enthusiastic about and most qualified for. I realised that I wanted to publicize science from an industrial perspective. Another important goal of mine was to bridge Western life science industry to China. Moreover, I felt motivated when conducting a cross-cultural project. Therefore, I decided to learn about the life science industry and MBE was my choice.

MBE program is not knowledge-based, but rather practice-based. ‘To learn the work’ is the golden principle. As one of the few programs about Bioentrepreneurship worldwide, it gives you more opportunities to learn the real life. The more I study in this program, I feel more dedicated to limitless opportunities outside academia and university. 

Enough advertising so far, I am very happy to be with the MBE family, where we share common educational background and common expectations on future career. MBE is very young and grow up year by year. Our aim is to be the proud alumni of KI from life science industry!

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