The story of my application

Hello everyone,

Since it’s getting darker every day and you can hardly spot any sunlight passing through the sky, I decided to write something more informative about studying at Karolinska Institutet. As for now, Tox students are dealing with their last PBL case, focused on reproductive toxicology, so most of the time during a ‘day’ we are at the campus, having lectures or working in small groups. We also have to mentally prepare for 5-day-long home exam that starts on Tuesday and consists of 5 problems that we have to solve using available scientific literature and textbooks.

When it comes to the application to KI, I think I did none of the things that were recommended when applying to the Institute (typical of me). When the application process started, I certainly didn’t even know I want to study here spending all the time finishing my Bachelor degree back in Poland. Anyway, the only thing I knew was that I want to do my Master’s degree abroad therefore I had been already preparing for the IELTS exam, that was scheduled on the 9th of December in Kraków. I knew about the existence of KI and the fact I can study there for free made that place even more attractive. Nevertheless, since IELTS results were compulsory to process your application to KI, I didn’t care to do anything about this until December.

I went to Kraków on the 7th of December and stayed at my friend’s place, as my oral part was scheduled for the day after. The next day, just after completing the speaking part, I was so discontented with myself that I still remember eating Double Whopper at BurgerKing almost bursting into tears with thoughts such as my life has no purpose… At the same time though, my hopeless position (I’m good at making drama), made me so relaxed that I felt quite satisfied with the written parts that took place the following day.

After two weeks I finally got my results, which actually were very good, and started thnking more seriously about my application process. I filled in the online application on University Admissions page, and then I saw something like: Copy of your diploma… Please, no, I knew I wouldn’t have gotten my diploma until April! Fortunately, I mailed KI then and got information that the certificate stating the date of your graduation would suffice. After this time I forgot about application for some time again, because I had my thesis defence on the 8th of January 2014.

Since I defended my thesis, I have started collecting all the documents and going with them to the most expensive photocopying point, called notary, including certificate of graduation, IELTS exam report and transcript of records. I also went to my friend who authorized the copy of my passport (she was quite astounded that she can certify the validity of some documents and asked me: What should I say in case they call me? I didn’t know at all what should she say, but luckily, they didn’t call her. Now, the only thing left was to fill in the online CV form and print it.

If I’m not mistaken, it was on the 10th of January night when I started filling in the CV form. I didn’t make any drafts because I didn’t have time for them. I spent the whole night creating my most unprofessional and unprepared document of my life (maybe it’s making a drama again). After struggling with several printers, as obviously none of them wanted to be friendly to me at the time, I collected my package and went to the post office. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily so the address, cleverly written using fountain pen, became blurred on the envelope. With help from the post officer though, we exchanged the envelope and finally I could send my application to the University Admissions in Sweden!

Lastly, after my application was sent, I forgot about studyng at KI till March, when the notification of the selection results were published.



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